Katie – Dru Ann’s books have really changed my life!  I am going to order a few more to keep on growing!

Kandee D.  I look forward to the readings everyday. DruAnn is very good at what she does. I recommend her to all my friends and family

Wynette – I am sold on Crystal Bowl Healing!  I was able to walk better after my first session
Cindee W.  On spot! Love my Dru Ann! Always a healing experience to be had! Xo
Marcia B.  Reading and meditation were on the mark with my life today!
Rose L. – I had never heard of the H.E.A.L. Technique and I am blown away by the results from it!  My issue is gone and I will be back to work out more to keep on healing!

Tonya – When I arrived for my Crystal Bowl Healing session I had pain in my hip and was experiencing numbness in my legs.  After just 30 minutes I regained the feeling in my leg and the pain in my hip subsided.

Michael F.  Dru’s readings are spot on in my life
Ashley J.  Dru Ann always helps me to find solutions to the blockages in my life.
Maura G.  Always positive reinforcement of the changes in my life
Ashley C.  – Our H.E.A.L. session really helped ease a lot of the anxiety I have had in my life recently

Tammy – I came for the Crystal Bowl Healing not knowing much about it but would do anything to alleviate my sciatica attack.  After the session I felt like a new person and my pain has been kept at bay!