Oracle Decks

Dru Ann is the creator of two powerful oracle decks, The Spirit Guidance Oracle and the Angel Connection Oracle.  Both are 40 card decks with amazing nature photography.  The concept behind the decks is to take simple yet beautiful pictures of nature and add only a few or one word to allow the user to develop their intuitive skills and gain insight from their Guides and Angels.   Companion guides for each of the decks can be purchased separately on

In 2007 I was asked to come up with an original oracle type deck. I strolled through the town of Cassadaga and took photos of some of the beautiful scenery.  I then sat down and asked my Guides to help me come up with words to go with the pictures.  I got out a pen and wrote down the phrases that came to mind.  Then I took the phrases and matched them to pictures.

When I presented the work to my boss, he smiled and did nothing with them.

In 2015 I found the disc that contained my card deck.  I opened each up and felt alive as I looked at them.  I found a way to self-publish them and the result is the Spirit Guidance Oracle Deck.  It combines Spirit’s gentle words of guidance with the beauty of nature to help you along your way every day.

Not long after the deck came out, a friend who loved the cards remarked how a companion guide with expanded thoughts and the story of the cards would be really neat to have.  So I wrote it!  The Spirit Guidance Oracle Companion Guide expands the messages, tells the story of the cards and how they can be used.

The Spirit Guidance Oracle Deck 

The Spirit Guidance Oracle Cards Companion Guide

Angel Connection Oracle

The Angel Connection Oracle deck combines the calm beauty of nature with simple words to help you to get in touch and connect with your Angels.  Pull a card, read the word and then meditate on the message you are being given by your Angels.  Or ask a question and pull 3 cards to gain guidance and connect with your Angels.

The Angel Connection Oracle Companion Guide shows each card with an expanded thought.  Use it to help guide you through your day.  Think of a question for your Angels, open the book and read the expanded thought.

The Angel Connection Oracle

Angel Connection Oracle Companion Guide