Immersive Meditation

Immersive Meditation employs Sound & Color healing to help you focus and destress.  It is a calming meditation that brings you back to center and helps you get back to creating the life you want.   Additionally, the meditation utilizes various breathing techniques to help you Stop and Think with your Heart.

Color and Sound join hands to create a healing environment because we are energy and they are vibration.  Think of it as if you were a still lake (since we are made up mostly of water this makes sense) and we throw a pebble into the middle of the lake creating a visible vibration from that center point all across the lake; the vibration and music from the crystal singing bowls is the pebble.

An immersive meditation session combines color and sound to help you release energy blockages and begin your life transformation.

Individual Session: $60

Group Rates Available. Please email for details.

Please email to an immersive meditation session