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Take a breath and change

Here is a thought for the day for you. It seems so many people are feeling this way now. Take care of yourselves along your journey. Someone is always there to help you out. Remember that and reach out! Blessings...

Spirit Guidance Oracle Reading 05/28-29

(via Video Spirit Guidance Oracle Reading for 05/29 and 05/29 (Source:

Ease Into A State Of Ease

I go to the grocery store, grab a cart and head to the deli to get some lunch meat.  I never think about anything so when the clerk hands me a sample, I grab it and eat it. I must have watched 4 other people doing served do the...

Muscle Testing

Learn how to muscle test (Source:

Spirit Guidance Oracle Card Reading

(via Spirit Guidance Oracle Reading for Memorial Day Weekend! (Source:

The Universe

The Universe is profound. We acknowledge it as the I Am, the All, The Knowing loving Father Mother Light. We are forgetting that it is also the I Can. If we are we must also see that we are able to…We just can. We must erase old modalities and...