It Isn’t What You Would Do, It is What You Should Do


When you see someone who needs assistance what do you do? Most folks – as much as I hate to admit it – walk the other way. It’s a “gee that girl looked so upset, hope she’s okay….where did I park” kind of mentality that we are living with in society today.

I had one of those moments and when the girl told me she would be fine waiting at a gas station for a locksmith by herself, obviously upset, the only words that came to my head are ones I have often said…

“If my mom, my daughter, my sister, my friend were in this situation I would hope someone would see they were upset and in need of a friend or helping hand. I wouldn’t want them to be there alone, fretting with no one to talk to. It just wouldn’t be right. I would want someone to stop and help them.”

That is the reason I stayed and waited. During our hour, I watched over 20 cars pull in, look at the situation and leave without another thought while we chatted.

Think about it this way WE ARE ALL ONE!!!!! End of story! We have to take the time now and change from the world we now live in which is an all for me type of world.  We must realize and accept that we are small portions of a larger system. It isn’t a what would you do world it is a come on and do it world that we have to be creating together.

It is time for everyone to step up and work to co-create the universe we wish to be living in. Without taking this important step, we can never grow past what we see now and into the world of the future.  The world where we are actually standing up and making changes every day.

So the challenge really becomes can you step out of your own life for 5 minutes when you see someone in trouble, in need, in crisis.  Can you stop your thoughts about where you need to be and what you need to do and extend a helping hand?  If you answered yes, you are already a part of the solution.

Let’s co-create a better world, let’s remember that we are all one. Think about it this way: what would you want for your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, daughter or friend and act accordingly.