After the Storm, Love Wins


We all go through what I call Life Storms.  All of the sudden our calm, peaceful lives are filled with clouds, doubts, difficulties and sometimes failures.  When the clouds form we often muddle through, getting by however we can.

When the storm hits full on we are tossed about in a sea of emotions like a small boat with no rudder.  More often than not, fight or flight takes over and we become emotion monsters.  We are taunted by anger, hurt, frustration and worst of all doubt and confusion.

Everyone and I mean everyone has fought through a life storm. Often we have endured more than one storm. Some even become hurricanes and tornadoes tossing aside all logic in our lives.  We become lost and devastated. We begin to react out of ego, judgement and fear.

I recall such a storm in my life in 2007.  I look back now and think, “Who was that?”.  You see during these life storms we cannot step aside and ask what we are doing.  We are unable to change our course. We are caught in the stormy sea with no land in sight.

Shortly, however, the clouds pass. The change has occurred and we move on.  The life storm has transformed our existence forever.  Often the people involved are gone.

Sometimes we are presented with those players again in a calmer, gentler and quieter storm. They reappear to give us an opportunity to heal our timeline from that previous storm.  We begin to feel those old emotions come back up.  We find ourselves dreading the inevitable encounter with this person or that person or situation.  So how do you do it?

When the occasion presents itself, breathe! Take a deep breath and embrace it!  I found a cure for life storms.  It is called love.  Try this exercise, tell them, “I love you”.  I hear you saying why would I do that?  Why indeed?  They helped you change and it is often a change for the better.  Embrace them and their love to help you make the change that was needed.  You don’t have to like them or their choices or actions.  You don’t have to be their friend…but you have to love them.

If you can find a place of forgiveness in your heart to openly love them for being them and for their contribution to your life shopping cart you have truly transformed and grown. You are now empowered.  You win!

In all things, Love Wins!