Monthly Archives: June 2015

Life’s Stressful Moments

100_0668Let’s be honest, no matter who you are, life is full of stressful moments.

Yesterday was my day to be completely stressed.  I had to make decisions and be in charge.  It was scary.  But I knew what was right.  I knew what my job was and I stuck to the plan and did it.  Granted it exhausted me, but I did it.

So here is some advice about stress.  We all have it.  We all let it get the best of us.  Keep looking through the window and just believe you are doing what is right.  In other words, forge ahead.  Don’t hesitate or linger.

Breathe.  It is very important to breathe through the stress.  I actually caught myself nearly holding my breath during my stressful moment, not good.  Be mindful of your breath and breathe deeply.  It calms and centers you through the storm.

Finally, remember that tomorrow is another day.  Right on the other side of this rough spot is tomorrows green grass.  Hang in there.  This too will pass.  Life is in flow, follow the flow and let it go!

Hope this helps you along your day!  Blessings!

Create Your Life


Life is actually a simple matter of embracing the Law of Attraction.

What you send out is what you attract. Positive thoughts create a positve reality. Negative thoughts create a negative reality.

When you add to this the power of belief then you have a one-two punch in your favor. If you can believe, even for a moment, that you have the power in yourself to create a positive life and embrace that thought, you have successfully mastered the Law of Attraction and you will see positive changes begin to occur in your life.