A Moment From Darkness to Light

Have you
ever had a moment when you were struck to your core with sadness? When you
doubted everything you thought you stood for or everything that seemed strong
in your life?

It is
during these moments that our faith in ourselves and our strength are

It is
during these moments that we must reach into our core and find that belief in
ourselves rather than allowing our ego self to overcome us and to put us in a
place of darkness. 

These are
the moments we are given a chance to hold our own hand and reach for the top
rather than sink to the bottom in despair. 

the moments are fleeting. 

the moments are unbearably long. 

What will
you do?  Will you allow it to overtake your sense of security and
wholeness or will you fight it?

 It is
during such moments, in the stillness of holding our breath and praying for an
answer that we seek out our heartbeat.  Our place where we are safe and

 Is your
place an ocean, a stream, a tree, a corner of your home where you can be with
your thoughts? 

 It is
during such moments that we must fight the urge to paddle backwards into the
depths of our past. 

We must
gather our strength and be present, only in the present can we defeat the
demons and monsters which hold us captive against our will.  Demons like
insecurity, “why me”: must be brought into the present and shown fully for the
deceptions that they are. 

 You seem
so together and yet there they are, brought up by a tiny moment of intense

Brought up
to be revealed, to show that you are not that together and you are not that

Brought up
to make you face them in the here and now and to make you find their hiding
place within your mind so that you can move into the rest of today and further
into tomorrow with courage, strength, stamina. 

 Do not
loathe them.  Do not hate them instead embrace these darkness’s within

Give them


Heal them
and in doing so, reveal the moment of truth when you realize that you are not
your darkness and your darkness is not you.