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Thought for the day

TGIF! Here is a thought and a share for this beautiful Mother’s Day Weekend.  We all know that one friend or family member who no matter how hard they try they end up pushing everyone’s buttons every time the family gets together.  You know who I’m talking about right?  So before the family comes together this weekend, take that person and pretend they are in front of you.  Give them a huge hug and surround them with pink light.  I bet when they show up for the dinner they will be much “lighter” than usual.  Another cool tip is to visualize your house being small and take off the roof.  Now really look around it, see any “cleaning” that needs to be done?  Just blow in and clear it out.  Now lighten it up by seeing each room filled with pink feathers.  Remember to put that roof back on 🙂   This will lighten up you home or any environment you are going into.   Hope this helps you along your way!  Have a wonderful weekend!