Oracle Card of the Day Reading

Happy Cinco De Mayo or just Happy Tuesday 🙂
So much has been going on for the last 5 days it has been difficult to keep up with it all.  Are you seeing that as well?  It is as though this full moon put things into overdrive.  So while we all do our best to put the brakes on and take back the wheel, let’s look at the Spirit Guidance Oracle Card of the Day for today.

“It isn’t the wish, It’s believing in it that makes it come true”.  This resonates with me so much!  We use affirmations and have positive sayings and mantras but sometimes they don’t seem to help.  The reason is without the backup of BELIEF they are just words spoken with no heart.  So if you have something you have been aspiring to or a project you have been talking about completing….it is time to put your belief behind your wishes and really kick them into high gear.  So believe, believe everything you desire can be achieved.  Believe it with your whole heart and you will see a difference.   Have a beautiful Tuesday <3