Weekend Forecast

Happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? Well let’s take a look at your weekend forecast – today’s cards are the Oracle of the Seeker by Rowena of the Glen!
As you start out the weekend, you are feeling like things have you a bit stuck, like the crossroads have been blocked off and you are not exactly sure how to get out of this quagmire. It is okay, take a deep breath and feel yourself being cleansed. This is just a way for you to see things clearly and get rid of what you no longer need in life. It is a cleansing process. As things start to become clearer this weekend you will find that vibe of love working for you and you will really now be able to love what you are doing and be doing what you love! Hope this helps you along your way! Have a blissful weekend!

Tarot Card for Today

20151021_083908_resizedHappy Wednesday! Today’s tarot card of the day comes from the Universal Fantasy Tarot and it is the 6 of Pentacles. This is a card of unexpected blessings.  Usually it indicates money coming in that you did not expect which is a good thing right?  So as you go along your way, be aware of the prosperity you have in life and be open to receiving gifts from sources that you had not considered before.  Hope this helps you through your day, Blessings!