Weekend Forecast

Happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? Well let’s take a look at your weekend forecast – today’s cards are the Oracle of the Seeker by Rowena of the Glen!
As you start out the weekend, you are feeling like things have you a bit stuck, like the crossroads have been blocked off and you are not exactly sure how to get out of this quagmire. It is okay, take a deep breath and feel yourself being cleansed. This is just a way for you to see things clearly and get rid of what you no longer need in life. It is a cleansing process. As things start to become clearer this weekend you will find that vibe of love working for you and you will really now be able to love what you are doing and be doing what you love! Hope this helps you along your way! Have a blissful weekend!

Tarot Card for Today

20151021_083908_resizedHappy Wednesday! Today’s tarot card of the day comes from the Universal Fantasy Tarot and it is the 6 of Pentacles. This is a card of unexpected blessings.  Usually it indicates money coming in that you did not expect which is a good thing right?  So as you go along your way, be aware of the prosperity you have in life and be open to receiving gifts from sources that you had not considered before.  Hope this helps you through your day, Blessings!

Angel Connection Reading for Today

ACO_091215Happy Saturday! As you head out along your way today, remember to listen to those Angel Connections in your life.  Today’s cards are Laugh & Focus!   Remember that even when you are focused on your goal or your mission for the day, don’t take it so seriously.  Allow yourself the time to laugh and have fun through whatever you do.  When we approach life with focus and laughter everything seems to go more smoothly and easily.  So today don’t lose your Focus but keep your sense of humor and go ahead and Laugh!   I hope this guides you along the way 🙂   Blessings!

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Labor Day Angel Connection Oracle Forecast


Here is your Labor Day Weekend Angel Connection Forecast:

Saturday’s card is Flow – remember to flow with things instead of working against them. You will find that as you travel through the rocks today staying open and relaxed and flowing will help you enjoy your day more.

As you move into Sunday, the card is Dream – allow your inner muse to work with you Sunday imagine all the possibilities and let your dreams for what can happen today soar.

For your Labor Day Monday, the card is Listen – listening is a skill. We hear things all the time but we don’t listen to them. The challenge on Monday will be to focus your hearing and really listen to what is being said to you. You will find if you can do this that your relationships today will flow with ease.

Be safe out there and have a fabulous holiday weekend!

Ease Into A State Of Ease

I go to the grocery store, grab a cart and head to the deli
to get some lunch meat.  I never think
about anything so when the clerk hands me a sample, I grab it and eat it. I
must have watched 4 other people doing served do the same.

When I have my order I check out and head to my car.  In the car I have a bag of chips as a
snack.  So I snack away on the drive
home.  When I get home, I cut up my
sausage to freeze some and then begin to cook the rest.

I never consider germs or what I could catch.  And I never get sick. How about you?

Do you religiously wipe the handle on the cart at the
grocery store? Do you think about it when you are at the deli and take your
hands off the cart and get your taster from the deli guy?

I’m betting most of us don’t and most of us don’t even think
about it. To take it a step further, it doesn’t matter.

Have you ever seen those folks that are sooooo
paranoid?  They wipe their hands and the
cart and then they use sanitizer again.
Then you realize they are sneezing like crazy or look kinda ill.  Why?

What makes them different from you? The law of

Two important concepts here:

Energy flows where thought goes.  It’s more of a rule than a concept.  If you spend all of your time thinking about
what you are going to catch or how many germs there are on something you are
attracting those virus energies and dis-ease to yourself.  If you don’t ever even think about it, you
are living in a state of ease and flow.
You are attracting health and happiness to yourself.

Emotions are things.  If you are worried about something you are
bringing things to worry about into your life.
These emotions begin to take over your energy centers and move inward
toward your physical body and then attach themselves as a physical
illness.  If you are not concerned about
too much and when you have a difficult emotion you deal with it right then and
clear it from your energy system, you are creating a life of ease and are not
bringing those emotions into your physical realm to experience.

Yes, it sounds overly simplified but this is the basic 101
of energy healing and why one person will get the flu or a cold and the person
next to them will not get ill.  It is all
in how they are dealing with their emotional well-being.

So what is the easiest way to keep your life in a state of
ease?  First watch your emotional
health.  Are you experiencing heavy
emotions which are bringing you down?
Are you in a state of discord or feeling chaotic in life rather than
feeling like you are working in the flow?
Now go deeper, what are you thinking?
Are you having thoughts that are flowing and positive or are your
thoughts negative, filled with criticism or just sad and heavy?

It is time to take control back.  Watch your thoughts, feel into where your
energy is going and start to get a handle on your emotions.  Ease into being in a state of ease and enjoy
the positive flow of life!

Dru Ann
Welch – April 2015©