Angel Connection Reading for Today

ACO_091215Happy Saturday! As you head out along your way today, remember to listen to those Angel Connections in your life.  Today’s cards are Laugh & Focus!   Remember that even when you are focused on your goal or your mission for the day, don’t take it so seriously.  Allow yourself the time to laugh and have fun through whatever you do.  When we approach life with focus and laughter everything seems to go more smoothly and easily.  So today don’t lose your Focus but keep your sense of humor and go ahead and Laugh!   I hope this guides you along the way 🙂   Blessings!

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Angel Connection Card of the Day


Today I’m connecting with my angels using my new Angel Connection Oracle Deck.  The card for the day is BELIEVE….I love this message.  Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, believe in your intentions…just take one moment as you go through your day and believe.    Have a fabulous day!

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