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Everyone loves ebooks! Here you can purchase any of my books in ebook format with immediate download! Just click the book you are interested in and you will be redirected to a paypal checkout page – Thank you!

61RzcbtJY+L._SY346_I will never forget the day I found out that the delicate daisy-like tiny flowers I love are actually wild chamomile! And we call them weeds because we simply don’t know any better. This book is a compilation of years of studying herbs and how to use them both in healing and magickally .

Click the image to download ebook now $2.00

41v21DQjICL._SY346_View the world through the eyes of an aura camera! In these pages I share with you not only my aura photos but some of what they taught me about energy and the auric field. Hopefully you will find some new and interesting material to help you on your life journey.Click the image to download the ebook now $4.00
61524PBVuaL._SL1000_All Voices Are One presents Goddess based chants with an Ohm background to allow the listener to really chill out and relax in a very short time. It is designed to create balance and focus. The difference is you can relax in 30 minutes going from the basic OHM to the understanding that WE ARE ONE and the mellowing back down into the OHM to bring you back to reality.Click the image to download the mp3 now $2.00
41TNjjEpuVL._SY346_Reiki in my eyes is much more than merely a healing system you train in and take away as a certificate to put on your wall. It is a thought pattern and a delicate way of life. It is an integrative system which can help you change your current patterns, overcome obstacles and heal your life.Click the image to download the ebook now $1.00
51jkqCqz+nLWelcome to the Spirit Guidance Oracle Cards Companion Guide. These cards were inspired by Spirit and have found a beautiful life of their own.Within these pages you will see each of the 40 cards from the deck along with an expanded interpretation to help you in using the cards.Don’t worry If you haven’t got your deck yet! All of the cards are pictured in this handy book. Just open up and see what guidance Spirit may have for you.Click the image to download the ebook now $3.00
 616zEZSAtRL._SX425_Sit back and feel the flow of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. These are the 7 chakra bowls combined with an Ohm bowl to open your senses, refresh your mind and raise your vibration.Dru Ann is a Sound Intuitive who has been playing the bowls and soothing souls since 2007.These tracks were recorded live at the Metaphysical Forum.Click the image to download the mp3 now $2.00