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Don’t let the size fool you!  The information gathered in this book is a culmination of years of studying herbs and their uses.

I started studying herbs when I worked at the Universal Centre in Cassadaga.  We sold herbs and no one had a lot of knowledge so I started putting together lists of what the herbs could be used for to help us sell them.

Soon I started collecting herbs and using them in healing and magickal work. I would put together a tea, make a note if it worked and put the recipe on a paper in my cabinet.  I would do the same thing when I worked with the herbs on a magical basis in spellwork.

A few years ago I took all the pieces of paper and lists and typed them up so it was easier to find my information. I shared the lists with my students, putting Mama D’s Herb Lists on the top for their reference.

This year I took the information and put it into this book :  Mama D’s Practical Herbal Guide Book.

The book contains lists and recipes I have researched and collected since 2005.  I hope it helps you on your journey.

Click the images below for a sample from the book:

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