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From 2003 until 2007 I was an aura photographer. I took aura photos and gave people readings based on the photos.

In 2008 Polaroid began phasing out the film and by 2009 it was gone. I did use some of the 2009 film in 2010 but the film was no good. The new film made by Fuji sadly does not fit my camera. So all you have to learn from is what I have here.

I have taken photos of energy portals, plants, animals, flowers, pregnant women and their children, you name it and I took a photo! I even did my own experiments with jewelry, herbs, water and words.   Mostly I have experienced the auras of some pretty special humans with unique talents and gifts.

I learned an awful lot about the human energy field and how it works by being an aura photographer. Now I am sharing my knowledge and my photos with you in this little book!

In these pages you find pictures and explanations of experiments I did with water, tuning forks, plants and crystals.