Ego Warrior Workshops

An Ego Warrior is someone who has become awake and aware.  It is someone who has decided that enough is enough; they are taking back the remote control of their life and choosing to live from the heart. It is a simple process with profound results.

The road to becoming an Ego Warrior involves learning to be honest with yourself and accepting that you are worthy of love.

When my mom died I was challenged to overcome my Ego.  I was challenged to actually find my inner strength, my heart strength and not let my thoughts get the best of me.  I realized that to physically give up is one thing, but to hide your emotions and become afraid, that’s an entirely different matter. I began to look at grief, death, sadness, depression and anxiety in a whole new way.

This workshop is designed for small group settings.  It is based on my Ego Warrior Handbook.

Please email to book this workshop for your next event.