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What’s In Your Toolbelt?


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So excited that this book is out there for everyone!  This book gives you some of my favorite healing tools, tips and tricks!  Breath work to heal your life….Color breathing and color healing….Using pacman and more to help in your healing process….It is all here!  Click the picture to buy on Amazon!

Check out the Samhain Runes

13393949_10209711900979457_4793057756597106098_nExcited to have this book out!  In these pages you will meet my new divination tool, the Samhain Runes.

Runes are typically representations of an early Germanic alphabet however, in recent times the word has been used to describe symbols that have meaning in many different areas.  You will find sets of Witches Runes, Goddess Runes, Aquarian Runes, Celtic Runes. The Samhain Runes are simply another glyph to use for divination purposes.

The Samhain Runes are designed to capture the magic of this season all year round.  To guide you to use archetypes you are familiar with to unlock your 6th sense and trust your intuition.

Get the book and make your own set of Samhain Runes.  Click Here to purchase the book on